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About ScanSeals


For more than 30 years our  company has specialized in distribution of effective tamper evident and high security barrier seals to fight tampering, theft, fraud and pilferage. In close cooperation with our customers we have designed and developed seals to meet special demands. We have seals for every possible sector including transport, gas- water-and electric meters, postal services, shipping, warehouses, customs and excise, chemical and medical sector etc. ScanSeals stocks a large variety of seals, which are available for day to day shipment. These seals are with ScanSeals logo and consecutive numbering. Custom made seals with your name/logo and numbering available for a simple and easy to use solution for your security needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your sealing needs.
Free samples based on your requirements are available at any time for your evaluation and trial fitting.

Denmark: sales@scanseals.dk
Norge: sales@scanseals.no
Sweden: sales@scanseals.se
Outside Scandinavia: sales@scanseals.com

Security seals


Our product range include:

Container seals, wire seals,

metal band seals ect.

Security labels


Protect your products against


Security tape


Tamper evident tape is used

to detect tampering with

parcels, bags ect.


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